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Functional Screening and Drug Target Discovery

Cellecta Inc. provides custom and contract solutions for high-throughput genetic screening needs. Our research organization focuses primarily on developing and implementing flexible and scalable broad-based screening and analysis approaches that identify the mechanisms regulating biological processes to expedite the discovery and characterization of novel therapeutic targets and drugs.

The unique capabilities of lentiviral and shRNA technologies provide a platform that enables genome-wide functional screening and the identification and validation of genes involved in critical biological and pathological responses.

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Custom shRNA Constructs

CRISPR Lentiviral Constructs

Achieve permanent 100% knockout in your cells by using Cellecta's lentiviral-based CRISPR constructs. Co-transduction is not necessary with Cellecta's single-vector system.

Pooled Lentiviral Effector Libraries

Pooled Lentiviral shRNA Libraries

Cellecta, partnered with Agilent Technologies, the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, FHCRC, TSRI, and Illumina, has created one of the most advanced, effective, and reliable pooled shRNA library platforms available. We also offer pooled bioactive peptide libraries.

HT Sequencing Results

RNAi Genetic Screens with Pooled shRNA Libraries

We'll perform any or all steps, from RNAi screening to HT sequencing to data analysis. Cellecta specializes in negative screens (i.e. viability or drop-out) for identification of cancer drug targets.