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Cellecta's Complete RNAi Screening Services

RNAi genetic screens provide an unbiased approach to better understand disease progression and gene-disease association, identify functionally important transcriptionally activated genes driving responses, characterize drug mechanisms of action, look for genetic sensitizers or blockers for compounds, and find novel drug targets.

  • Comprehensive RNAi screens by experienced scientists using the best shRNA pooled libraries available
  • Viability and FACS assays based on your experimental needs and in your model cell lines
  • Find new drug targets, genes required for a drug's effect, and genetic sensitizers to drugs

RNAi loss-of-function screening with complex heterogeneous lentiviral-based shRNA expression libraries provides a unique and powerful approach to identify genes required for defined cell responses in a single assay. Using pooled lentiviral-based shRNA libraries, Cellecta has developed an effective, scalable, high-throughput RNAi screening platform to identify a genes functionally required for a broad range of biological responses.

On a simple fee-for-service basis, Cellecta will perform all steps require for a comprehensive pooled lentiviral-based shRNA screen with your cell models, including library transduction, cell culture and selection, genomic DNA isolation, sequencing of samples from various assay points, and data deconvolution. We can run screens with our pre-made shRNA libraries or custom design and construct a library around the target set of genes that interest you.

For more information on the pooled RNAi screening approach, see the RNAi Screening Technology Page.

For more details on different screening services available: