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Terms and Conditions

Cellecta, Inc. Limited License

Cellecta grants end users of the Product a non-transferable, non-exclusive license to use the reagents for internal research use only. In all cases, sale or other transfer or distribution to third parties of (i) the Product, or any portion, (ii) DNA, RNA, nucleotide sequences of shRNA, and shRNA constructs or libraries created from the Product or any portion, or of (iii) transformed phage, viruses, cells, or tissues created directly or indirectly from the Product, or any portion is prohibited without prior written approval–separate licenses are available for non-research use or applications. The Product is not to be used for human diagnostics or included/used in any drug intended for human use. Care and attention should be exercised in handling the Product by following appropriate research laboratory practices.

Cellecta’s liability is expressly limited to replacement of Product or a refund limited to the actual purchase price. Cellecta’s liability does not extend to any damages arising from use or improper use of the Product, or losses associated with the use of additional materials or reagents. This limited warranty is the sole and exclusive warranty. Cellecta does not provide any other warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, including the merchantability or fitness of the Product for a particular purpose. Use of the Product for any use other than described expressly herein may be covered by patents or subject to rights other than those mentioned. Cellecta disclaims any and all responsibility for injury or damage that may be caused by the failure of the buyer or any other person to use the Product in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined herein.

Purchasers may refuse these licenses by returning the Product unused. By keeping or using the enclosed materials, you agree to be bound by the terms of these licenses. The laws of the State of California shall govern the interpretation and enforcement of the terms of these Licenses.

Limited Use Label License Information