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Cellecta Blog & News

We have started the Cellecta blog as a simple, unobtrusive conduit that enables us to talk directly to our customers, collaborators, and other interested researchers about new and interesting developments related to Cellecta’s technology and business. Check back here often for the latest news and events.

About Cellecta

Cellecta Inc., a custom and contract functional genomics solutions provider, focuses primarily on developing and implementing flexible and scalable broad-based screening and analysis approaches for drug target and biomarker discovery. Our high throughput functional genetic screening portfolio includes shRNA and CRISPR screening services, custom and off-the-shelf pooled libraries, and knockout/knockdown cell lines that facilitate genome-wide functional screening and the identification and validation of genes involved in critical biological and pathological responses.

With our new DriverMap™ Gene Expression and Molecular Profiling Service, Cellecta now offers a quantitative, multiplexed approach that allows simultaneous profiling of thousands of genes in one reaction, thereby providing the transcriptome profile of the tumor microenvironment.

German Researchers Find Sensitizer for Gemcitabine Using DECIPHER RNAi Libraries

Researchers at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) used Cellecta's shRNA DECIPHER libraries to identify genes that sensitize pancreatic cells to gemcitabine. Pancreatic cancer has only a 6% 5-year survival rate. Gemcitabine is the standard treatment in...

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Second Phase SBIR Contract from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to Identify Lethal Gene Combinations in Cancer Cell Models

It's been a while since the last post to this blog. It is not that nothing has been going on, in fact, quite the opposite. It has been quite busy the past several months and, unfortunately, blog postings have suffered. However, I thought I would get things started...

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SBS 2011 Schedule, March 30th

Take the opportunity at SBS 2011 to learn about Cellecta's cancer drug target discovery services. Come visit us at booth #522, and be sure not to miss our oral presentation and tutorial on Wednesday, March 30: 11:00-11:30am HT RNAi Screening of Anti-Cancer Targets...

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AACR-NCI Systems Biology Conference

Cellecta attended the AACR-NCI Systems Biology : Confronting the Complexity of Cancer Conference in San Diego last week and presented two posters: Identification and Analysis of Essential Genes in Leukemic Cell Lines Using RNAi Screening and HT Screening for Bioactive Peptides that Increase Radiation Tolerance Using a Pooled Lentiviral Peptide Scanning Library. Here we present a summary of the conference and our experiences.
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The DECIPHER Project’s New Human Module Targets 5,000 More Genes

The addition of the 3rd DECIPHER Human shRNA Expression Library Module to the DECIPHER pooled shRNA library collection adds approximately 5,000 new cell surface, extracellular, and DNA binding target genes to the 10,000 well-annotated signal transduction and disease-associated genes targeted by the other two Human shRNA expression library modules that have been available since last October.
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U6 or H1—Which promoter is better?

Since we provide both constitutive and tetracycline-inducible versions of both U6 and H1 shRNA promoters, we often get questions regarding which to choose or which is "better." In fact, our data with both promoters indicates they function equally well, so it is difficult to provide a clear-cut answer.
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