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CellTracker™ Barcode Products

  • Stable and heritable sequenceable barcodes to label individual cells or cell populations
  • Uniquely identifiable barcode sequences even with several misreads
  • Easily transducible and selectable lentiviral constructs
  • Convenient pre-packaged as ready-to-use lentiviral particles

For researchers investigating tumor progression, drug resistance, differentiation, development, hematopoiesis, and other related areas, there is considerable interest in understanding the heterogeneity of cell populations in both cultured and in vivo settings. Studies facilitated by labeling cells with a stable heritable marker such as a CellTracker™ Barcode include:

  • how cell heterogeneity changes in response to drugs or other selections
  • which traits allow cells to survive under different conditions
  • how cell population diversity might change with differentiation or disease progression

Traditionally these sort of studies have used dyes or fluorescent proteins. However, with recent developments and accessibility of next-generation sequencing (NGS), more sophisticated approaches may be used not only to track specific cells but also to permanently label and track their progeny, as well as quantitatively assess representation of cells deriving from a specifically barcode tagged clone in a descendant population. Some years ago, Cellecta and Amgen collaborated to use this sort of approach to assess the heterogeneity of tumors resulting from xenograft implantation. As a result of this work, Cellecta leveraged its expertise with lentiviral technology to develop a set of tools for these applications. Lentiviral constructs are particularly suited for these cell barcoding applications. VSV-g labeled lentiviral particles transduce almost any mammalian cell and integrate into the genomic DNA with very high efficiency. As a result, virtually any mammalian cell population can be labeled with stable heritable barcode tags.

Cellecta CellTracker™ Off-the-Shelf Products:

CellTracker™ Lentiviral Barcode Library

Label millions of individual cells with unique sequenceable barcodes to track their proliferation and assess the diversity of their descendant populations in culture or in vivo.

CellTracker™ Barcode Cell Labeling Kits

Label whole cell populations with stable, genomically integrated, single identifiable sequenceable barcodes for cell tracking and quantification of descendants in mixed downstream cultures or tissue.

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