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CRISPR Control Constructs

Cellecta provides a series of predesigned control CRISPR sgRNA (gRNA) constructs for optimization of protocols and screening procedures. We have constructs in our standard lentiviral vectors targeting either no gene, or genes essential for many cell systems.


To place an order for CRISPR sgRNA (gRNA) plasmid or viral packaged control constructs, please see the options below. To order custom constructs, specific instructions are available on the Order page.

SGCCTL-COP-pRSGCCG-PlassgCopGFP Control (copGFP targeting) in pRSGCCG-U6-(sg)-CMV-Cas9-2A-(plasmid)$300.00
SGCCTL-COP-pRSGCCG-VirussgCopGFP Control (copGFP targeting) in pRSGCCG-U6-(sg)-CMV-Cas9-2A-(virus)$500.00
SGCCTL-NT-pRSGCCG-PlasNon-Targeting CRISPR control in pRSGCCG-U6-(sg)-CMV-Cas9-2A-(plasmid)$300.00
SGCCTL-NT-pRSGCCG-VirusNon-Targeting CRISPR control in pRSGCCG-U6-(sg)-CMV-Cas9-2A-(virus)$500.00
SGCTL-COP-pRSG16-PlassgCopGFP Control (copGFP targeting) in pRSG16-U6-(sg)-UbiC-RFP-(plasmid)$300.00
SGCTL-COP-pRSG16-VirussgCopGFP Control (copGFP targeting) in pRSG16-U6-(sg)-UbiC-RFP-(virus)$500.00
SGCTL-NT-pRSG16-PlasNon-Targeting CRISPR control in pRSG16-U6-(sg)-UbiC-RFP-(plasmid)$300.00
SGCTL-NT-pRSG16-VirusNon-Targeting CRISPR control in pRSG16-U6-(sg)-UbiC-RFP-(virus)$500.00

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