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CRISPR Mouse Genome-Wide Knockout Library

Cellecta’s CRISPR Mouse Genome-Wide Knockout Library was designed to be small enough to enable convenient, genome-wide “dropout viability” screens. With fewer than 80,000 constructs, the mouse CRISPR library targets all mouse protein-coding genes (~19,600) with 4 sgRNAs/gene. It is designed to target functional domains and regions conserved between alternatively spliced transcripts.

Genome-Wide Coverage with a Single 80K Module

  • Single library with ~80,000 constructs
  • Each gene is covered by 4 sgRNAs designed to target functional domains and conserved transcript regions
  • All mouse protein-coding genes covered—approximately 19,600 gene targets

Complete Panel of Controls

  • Standard non-targeting controls
  • Controls for non-specific cutting (sgRNA targeting introns throughout the genome)

If you are interested in a custom library, Cellecta can help. Visit our Custom Lentiviral Libraries page for specific instructions.


Ordering information

NOTE: Cellecta offers academic discounts on many of our plasmid and pre-packaged libraries to qualifying academic institutions. Please email us at using your institutional email account, and ask for a quote with the discounted pricing.

We can also prepare custom libraries according to your specifications. Email for details or to obtain a quote.

KOMGW-80K-PCRISPR Mouse Genome 80K Knockout Library (plasmid)$10,000.00
KOMGW-80K-V8CRISPR Mouse Genome 80K Knockout Library (virus)$8,500.00
KOMGW-80K-V9CRISPR Mouse Genome 80K Knockout Library (virus)$18,000.00

User Manual

Gene List

Vector Information

CRISPR Library VectorNGS CassetteSequence
pRSG16-U6-sg-HTS6C-UbiC-TagRFP-2A-PuroHTS6C.txt | .gb | .dnaMap
pRSGEP-U6-sg-HTS6C-EF1-PuroHTS6C.txt | .gb | .dnaMap

Product Certificates

Lot NumberCatalog NumberDescriptionQuantityProduct Certificate
181010002KOMGW-ET1.2-80K-V8CRISPR Mouse Genome 80K Knockout Library in Thy1.2 (virus)2 x 108 TUPDF
181010001KOMGW-ET1.2-80K-PCRISPR Mouse Genome 80K Knockout Library in Thy1.2 (plasmid)200 µgPDF
17101701KOMGW-80K-V8CRISPR Mouse Genome 80K Knockout Library (virus)2 x 108 TUPDF
17101101KOMGW-80K-PCRISPR Mouse Genome 80K Knockout Library (plasmid)200 µgPDF

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

* Download the SnapGene® Viewer to open .dna format files.

Next-Gen Sequencing and Analysis

Cellecta CRISPR sgRNA Libraries are provided with a complete protocol and all sequencing information to enable researchers to perform experiments and extract the data. However, we also provide Next-Gen Sequencing and analysis services for researchers running their own screens with our libraries. Just provide harvested cells or tissue for each time point or treatment condition (one sample), and we’ll extract DNA, amplify the sgRNA sequences, perform NGS, and assemble the data with some basic analysis.

You provide Cellecta with frozen cell pellets or tissue after screening…

…and Cellecta does the rest:

  • Extracts genomic DNA
  • Amplifies sgRNA
  • Performs NGS on the Illumina NextSeq or HiSeq
  • Enumerates sgRNA counts from raw sequencing data

Please see the Next-Gen Sequencing and Analysis web page for additional information and instructions on how to order.

Cas9 Expression Plasmids

More information >

SVC9-PSCas9 Plasmids (targeted gene knockouts and screening using CRISPR) - Plasmid$300.00
SVC9-VSCas9 Plasmids (targeted gene knockouts and screening using CRISPR) - Virus$500.00
SVCOPG-PCRISPR Target for sgCopGFP Control (pRCdsGEB-CMV-dsCopGFP-EF1-Bleo, plasmid)$700.00
SVCOPG-VCRISPR Target for sgCopGFP Control (pRCdsGEB-CMV-dsCopGFP-EF1-Bleo, virus)$500.00

We can also provide other configurations of Cas9 or dCas9 expression plasmids on a custom basis. Please inquire if you require something different than the items described above.


Catalog #Item DescriptionPrice
CPCP-K2AReady-to-Use Lentiviral Packaging Plasmid Mix, 250 μg
(for (25) 10-cm plates)
LFVC1LentiFuge™ Viral Concentration Reagent, 1 ml
(for 1 liter supernatant)
CRUTESTCRISPRuTest™ Functional Cas9 Activity Assay Kit (Mammalian)$850
LNGS-120NGS Prep Kit for KOHGW CRISPR sgRNA libraries $875