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CRISPR Mouse Genome-Wide Knockout Library

Cellecta’s CRISPR Mouse Genome-Wide Knockout Library was designed to be small enough to enable convenient, genome-wide “dropout viability” screens. With fewer than 80,000 constructs, the mouse CRISPR library targets all mouse protein-coding genes (~19,600) with 4 sgRNAs/gene. It is designed to target functional domains and regions conserved between alternatively spliced transcripts.

Genome-Wide Coverage with a Single 80K Module

  • Single library with ~80,000 constructs
  • Each gene is covered by 4 sgRNAs designed to target functional domains and conserved transcript regions
  • All mouse protein-coding genes covered—approximately 19,600 gene targets

Complete Panel of Controls

  • Standard non-targeting controls
  • Controls for non-specific cutting (sgRNA targeting introns throughout the genome)
  • Lethal sgRNA targeting generally essential genes (i.e., positive controls for dropout screens)

If you are interested in a custom library, Cellecta can help. Visit our Order page for specific instructions.


Ordering information

NOTE: Cellecta offers academic discounts on many of our pre-packaged libraries to qualifying academic institutions. Please email using your institutional email account and ask for a quote with the discounted pricing.

Gene List

The target gene list for the CRISPR Mouse Genome-Wide Knockout Library can be downloaded here:

Vector Information

CRISPR Library VectorNGS CassetteSequence
pRSG16-U6-sg-HTS6C-UbiC-TagRFP-2A-PuroHTS6C.txt | .gb | .dnaMap
pRSGEP-U6-sg-HTS6C-EF1-PuroHTS6C.txt | .gb | .dnaMap

* Download the SnapGene® Viewer to open .dna format files.

Catalog #Item DescriptionPrice
CPCP-K2AReady-to-Use Lentiviral Packaging Plasmid Mix, 250 μg
(for (25) 10-cm plates)
LFVC1LentiFuge™ Viral Concentration Reagent, 1 ml
(for 1 liter supernatant)
CRUTESTCRISPRuTest™ Functional Cas9 Activity Assay Kit (Mammalian)$850
LNGS-120NGS Prep Kit for KOHGW CRISPR sgRNA libraries $875

We can also prepare custom libraries according to your specifications. Email for details or to obtain a quote.