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DriverMap™ DirectCell™ Gene Expression Profiling Protocol

All the benefits of the DriverMap Targeted Expression Profiling assay together with a simple, plate-based RNA isolation protocol

  • Incubate cell lysate in poly-A+ wells, wash, run DriverMap RT-PCR assay for profiling
  • No transfers or additional purification steps
  • Ultra-sensitive expression profiling, even from individual cells

The DriverMap Targeted Expression Profiling assay, a PCR-based approach, yields reliable data even from very low amounts of RNA. When used with mRNA retrieved by hybridization on an oligo-dT plate, simply wash and multiplex RT-PCR in the same wells. No additional transfers, precipitation, or centrifuging are required. The samples are transferred into a second index plate to prepare sequence-ready libraries.

The DriverMap DirectCell protocol is simple

  1. Introduce cells into oligo-DT plate
  2. Run your cell assay
  3. Lyse cells and rinse
  4. Add DriverMap gene-specific RT primer mix
  5. Run DriverMap assay to produce sequence-ready library
  6. Sequence

More information on the DriverMap assay and workflow is available here.

DM2-HGW-96DriverMap™ Human Genome-Wide Expression Profiling Kit, V2 (96 multiplex)1 kit (for 96 reactions)$5,500.00
DM2-HGWDriverMap™ Human Genome-Wide Expression Profiling Kit, V2 (24 multiplex)1 kit (for 24 reactions)$1,400.00
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