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Targeted DriverMap Mouse Expression Profiling Assay

DriverMap Mouse Expression Profiling Assay

Now you can use the DriverMap assay to profile murine gene targets

Cellecta’s initial DriverMap Assay for murine genes measures expression levels for 4,700 targets. This first DriverMap Mouse Panel was designed to target the murine orthologs of the human genes targeted in three of Cellecta’s DriverMap Human Predesigned Expression Profiling Panels—the Hallmarks Signatures, LINCS 1000x, and Pan-Cancer Pathway Panels. The activity of this set of genes provides a basis to evaluate the biology associated with disease progression and drug response in most in vivo or in vitro murine models.

  • Easy and highly specific expression analysis of 4,700 key mouse genes
  • Simple profiling of key drug- and cancer-related gene targets
  • Single-tube, multiplex protocol with simple analysis for rapid results
  • Rapid results with DriverMap Deconvolution Software that provides you with gene-specific expression data in an Excel spreadsheet format directly from Illumina Fastq raw reads.

DriverMap panels corresponding to the human genes are available here.

Ordering information

DMF-MPLH-96DriverMap™ Mouse Targeted Panel (96 multiplex)$3,100.00

DM2-HGWDriverMap™ Human Genome-Wide Expression Profiling Kit, V2 (24 multiplex)$1,400.00
DM2-HGW-96DriverMap™ Human Genome-Wide Expression Profiling Kit, V2 (96 multiplex)$5,500.00
DMF-HCM-96DriverMap™ Human Cell Marker Panel (96 multiplex)$3,100.00
DMF-HHM-96DriverMap™ Human Hallmark Signatures Panel (96 multiplex)$3,100.00
DMF-HLX-96DriverMap™ Human LINCSx Panel (96 multiplex)$3,100.00
DMF-HPC-96DriverMap™ Human Pan-Cancer Panel (96 multiplex)$3,100.00
DMF-HTF-96DriverMap™ Human TransFactor Signatures Panel (96 multiplex)$3,100.00