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LentiPrep™ Reagent Set

Three Reagents and a Control Plasmid to Conveniently Start Your Genetic Screening Experiment

  • Set of ready-to-use reagents for packaging, isolation, and transduction
  • Lentiviral control included at no additional cost
  • Less expensive than buying each component separately

Cellecta’s LentiPrep™ Lentiviral Reagent Set contains three of our popular reagents: the Ready-to-Use Packaging Mix, Lentifuge™ concentration reagent, and the Lenti-Transduction reagent. Also included is a control plasmid to test the protocols in your cell model. You receive 1 unit of each reagent, and the lentiviral control plasmid has either GFP or RFP to test packaging and transduction efficiencies with your cells.

Enough packaging mix for approximately 50 ug of lentiviral plasmid (e.g. 25 10-cm or 8 15-cm plates). Each of the reagents is also available for purchase separately as needed.

lentiprep reagent set for packaging, viral concentration and transduction

Ordering information

LTSET-GLentiPrep™ Lentiviral Reagent Set with GFP Control for Packaging and TransductionKit$750.00
LTSET-RLentiPrep™ Lentiviral Reagent Set with RFP Control for Packaging and TransductionKit$750.00