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PromoterTest™ Assay Kit

  • Find the best promoter to drive expression of your gene in your cell model
  • Efficiently test 8 different cDNA promoters in any mammalian cell system

The PromoterTest™ Assay Kit enables you to identify a promoter optimally suited to express a cDNA of interest in any mammalian cell system. With Cellecta’s PromoterTest Kit you can assess relative promoter strength and identify an optimal promoter for any application requiring robust expression of a gene of interest.

RNA polymerase II promoters that drive cDNA expression show a wide range of variation across different cells and different culture conditions. Using the PromoterTest Assay you have a convenient approach to screen eight different promoter configurations to rapidly identify the one that is most effective for your cell line of interest.

The PromoterTest Assay comes with eight lentiviral constructs pre-packaged as ready-to-transduce lentiviral particles. Each lentiviral vector carries the same green fluorescent protein (GFP) under the control of a different promoter. To use the kit, you simply need to transduce the GFP-expressing lentiviral constructs into your cell line and compare the GFP intensities from each different construct.

Ordering info

PROMTESTPromoterTest™ Assay Kit (8 promoter constructs)1 kit (for 10 cell lines)$895.00