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DriverMap™ DirectCell™ Gene Expression Profiling Application

Extract RNA directly from cells then profile gene expression in 96- and 384- well plates. Add indexes for NGS. Sequence.

  • Incubate cell lysate in poly-A+ wells, wash, run DriverMap RT-PCR assay for profiling
  • No transfers or additional purification steps
  • Ultra-sensitive expression profiling, even from individual cells

The DriverMap Targeted Expression Profiling assay, a PCR-based approach, yields reliable data even from very low amounts of RNA. When used with mRNA retrieved by hybridization on an oligo-dT plate, wash and multiplex RT-PCR in the same wells, no additional transfers, precipitation, centrifuging are required. The samples are transferred into a second index plate to prepare sequence-ready libraries.

Get all the benefits of the DriverMap Targeted Expression Profiling solution combined with simple, plate-based RNA isolation.

In a single-tube multiplex reaction, the DriverMap assay targets and amplifies 80-200 nt segment of the RNA transcript of a conserved region for all protein-coding genes. These 19,000 amplified sequences are then run on an Illumina NGS instrument to assess their relative abundance.

Simplified analysis.

The levels of each amplicon directly correlate with target gene expression. Sequencing reads can then be directly aligned to the amplicon reference sequences, without additional sophisticated genome alignment analysis.

More information on the DriverMap assay and workflow available here.