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Application Notes

Find all of Cellecta’s product and service application notes and advertorials here. For the list of Cellecta’s own publications as well as those of our customers, visit our Publications page.

  • Convenient and Robust Genome-Wide Targeted Expression Analysis for Biomarker Discovery
    The DriverMapTM Expression Profiling Assay provides a more sensitive and comprehensive snapshot of expressed protein-coding genes than RNA-seq. This method is especially suitable for profiling complex biological samples.
  • Modified sgRNA Design Improves Results of CRISPR Knockout Screens
    The findings from this study clearly show that it is possible to substantially improve the quality of sgRNA libraries with just a few changes in constant 3′ region of the sgRNA where the Cas9 protein binds.
  • CRISPR vs. RNAi Dropout Viability Screens
    Similar loss-of-function dropout screens using CRISPR technology to knock out, rather than knock down, genetic targets have been shown to be an attractive alternative to RNAi-based screens. How do these two complementary screening approaches compare?
  • TGF-β Enrichment Screen
    A genetic screen experiment performed in collaboration with Dr. Peiqing Sun at The Scripps Research Institute was designed to identify modulators that confer resistance to TGF-β-induced apoptosis in the Hep3B human hepatocellular carcinoma cell line.
  • Prostate Cancer Viability Screen
    The goal of this screen was to identify genes and corresponding androgen-dependent and independent signaling pathways which are critical for viability of prostate cancer cells but are not essential for cells of other tissue types. This study was made possible by NIH NCI Grant # 1R43CA134062-01, entitled “Viability Pathway Models in Prostate Cancer Cells.”