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Custom CRISPR Libraries from Agilent Oligos

Cellecta partners with Agilent Technologies to provide a comprehensive CRISPR library development service

  • Agilent Technologies offers quality sgRNA-encoding oligos for library construction
  • Cellecta provides lentiviral library construction and packaging expertise

Access Agilent sgRNA Oligos through Cellecta CRISPR Library Services

1. Clone Agilent’s SureGuide Amplified Oligo Libraries into Agilent’s SureVector pSGLenti

Just let us know what SureGuide Amplified Oligo set you want and we will send you a library in a few weeks.

2. Clone Agilent custom designed oligos into a Cellecta, Agilent, or other vector

Send us a gene list and/or sgRNA target sequences. Cellecta will design, orders oligos, clone them, and provide you a library in about 6 weeks.

3. Package/Reamplify any CRISPR lentiviral library

Already have a CRISPR library that you would like packaged into VSV-g lentiviral particles? We offer both reamplification and packaging services for any CRISPR lentiviral library.

4. CRISPR Screening Services

Do you want to outsource the full CRISPR genetic screening? We do that. Complete screening service of custom or genome-wide libraries.

5. NGS Analysis of CRISPR Library Screened Samples

Send us cell or DNA samples isolated from a CRISPR library screen with any Agilent or Cellecta library. We will prepare and run NGS and provide you a report with read counts for each guide.

To Order

Contact Cellecta

Cellecta will:

  • Purchase oligos from Agilent Technologies
  • Clone into the vector of your choice
  • QC the library by Sanger sequencing of individual clones and run analysis using next-generation sequencing (NGS)
  • Provide you with 500 ug of the plasmid, and the report on the NGS distribution of the guides
  • Optionally package the library into ready-to-transduce VSV-g lentiviral particles

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