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DriverMap™ Targeted RNA Expression Profiling Assay.

Up to 100x More Sensitive than RNA-Seq. Try the kit. Or send us your samples for analysis.

DriverMap™ Expression Profiling Service




Cellecta’s DriverMap™ service is a novel, comprehensive end-to-end, whole-genome expression profiling solution intended for research applications. This quantitative, targeted, multiplexed approach leverages the power of Next-Gen Sequencing and PCR technologies and allows the researcher to obtain ultra-sensitive digital expression profiling data for all protein coding genes. Click here to view assay methodology.

The DriverMap assay kit is now available for purchase.

Salient Features of DriverMap:

  • Validated Primer Design Each of these multiplex PCR primers are functionally validated. Cellecta’s unique multiplex primer design minimizes primer dimerization and cross-reactivity while maximizing specificity and efficacy.
  • High-Throughput Capabilities Enables expression profiling of thousands of genes in one reaction.
  • Exquisite Sensitivity, Specificity & Reproducibility  Allows low abundance transcripts to be identified facilitating biomarker discovery with zero background.
  • Large Dynamic Range: Allows characterization of all major immune cell types, and detect infiltrating immune cells.
  • Flexible: Fully customizable panels with data analysis.

DriverMap Sample Report:

  • RNA (10-100 ng)
  • Biological Samples: Frozen, FNA, Blood, Tumor samples, Mouse PDX

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