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DriverMap™ Targeted RNA Expression Profiling Assay.

Faster. Simpler. More Sensitive than RNA-Seq. Send us your samples for analysis or try our kit today.

DriverMap™ Targeted Expression Profiling Service




Cellecta’s DriverMap™ service is a novel, comprehensive end-to-end, whole-genome targeted expression profiling solution intended for research applications. This quantitative, multiplex approach leverages the power of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) and PCR technologies to allow the researcher to obtain ultra-sensitive digital expression profiling data for all protein coding genes in the human genome. Click here to view assay methodology.

The DriverMap assay kit for simple expression profiling of 24 or 96 samples is now available for purchase.

Key Features of the DriverMap Assay:

  • Validated Primer Design Each of these multiplex PCR primers are functionally validated in the laboratory. Cellecta’s unique multiplex primer design minimizes primer dimerization and cross-reactivity while maximizing specificity and efficacy.
  • High-Throughput Capabilities Enables expression profiling of thousands of genes in a single-tube reaction.
  • Exquisite Sensitivity, Specificity & Reproducibility  Allows low abundance transcripts to be identified to facilitate biomarker discovery with zero background.
  • Large Dynamic Range: Makes characterization of all major immune cell types, and detection of infiltrating immune cells possible.
  • Flexible: Order fully customizable panels or all protein-coding genes, with simpler data analysis requirements than RNA-Seq.

DriverMap Sample Report:

  • RNA (10-100 ng)
  • Biological Samples: Frozen, FNA, Blood, Tumor samples, Mouse PDX

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