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Custom Development of DriverMap™ RNA Expression Assays

Development of the DriverMap™ Targeted RNA Sequencing Assay involved setting up an extensive and rigorous primer development and testing pipeline to manage both the bioinformatics required for primer design and the empirical testing of the primers in the DriverMap multiplex PCR assay.

This primer database and development expertise may be accessed to develop customized DriverMap assays that fit your experimental objectives. Cellecta can provide custom DriverMap assays targeting your genes of interest in human, mouse or other model organisms.

DriverMap RNA Profiling Kits Targeting Specific Sets of Human Genes

As a result of the extensive work that has gone into the development of the Human DriverMap Genome-Wide Profiling Assay, Cellecta has designed primers for virtually all 19,000 human and approximately 5,000 mouse protein-coding genes. We can leverage this resource to make custom assays to specific subsets of human and some mouse protein-coding genes.

From the customer’s end, the process to make a targeted DriverMap assay simply involves generation of a list of target genes of interest.


  • assembles the primer sets to target each of those genes of interest
  • synthesizes a multiplex PCR oligo pool with these primers, and
  • confirms functionality of the DriverMap Primer Pool with Human Universal RNA

Custom development of validated DriverMap RNA Profiling Assay Kits targeting subsets of human protein-coding genes can be provided in approximately 8-10 weeks. The cost will depend on the specific number of genes to be included in the assay.

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Custom Development of Novel DriverMap Targeted Transcript Assays

In addition to providing assays focused on specific sets of human and/or mouse genes, we can work with you to develop DriverMap Targeted Transcript assays for RNA from other organisms or non-coding RNA from human and mouse samples using the pipeline we have created for the development of the human DriverMap assay. The process to generate these novel DriverMap assays is clearly much more complex than producing an assay against a subset of gene targets that we have already validated. The process involves the development and testing of novel primers to targets we have not worked with or validated. As a result, the timeline and costs depend on the specifics of each project.

If you are interested in a custom DriverMap assay targeting non-human genes, please contact us to discuss the details.

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