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Engineered Custom Isogenic Cell Lines

Cellecta isogenic cell line engineeringRequest a quote Cellecta offers custom isogenic knockout (CRISPR), knockdown (RNAi), overexpressor (cDNA), and reporter cell line services as part of its extensive functional genomics portfolio. Lentiviral technology enables efficient generation of stable isogenic cell lines starting from almost any mammalian cell. The chromosomally-integrated lentiviral cassette provides long-term stable expression that is less likely to perturb the cellular biology than episomal constructs.

Cellecta’s flexible system can be used to make combinations of knockout, knockdown, expressor, and reporter lines in virtually any type of mammalian cell, including primary cells. Cell lines (pools and clonal cell lines) are sequence-verified. Choose your gene of interest and cell background, and Cellecta will do the rest.

Isogenic Cell Line Applications

Cellecta brochure thumbnail custom isogenic cell lines

  • Gene function analysis
  • Compound screening
  • Understanding disease models and gene-drug association

A range of stable clones can easily be generated and then selected for complete knockout or optimum knockdown, expression, or activation, depending on the experimental requirements. An almost unlimited number of stable clones can be produced, enabling selection of the clones with the best characteristics for experimental assays. Find more information on our lentiviral vector system in the Technology section.

Isogenic Cell Line ServicesFormatDeliverables
CRISPR Knockout CellsCell PoolStable cell pool, sequence verified
CRISPR Knockout CellsClonalGenerate clonal cell lines, Assess knockout in (all) alleles. Expand clone(s) of choice.
RNAi Knockdown CellsCell PoolStable cell pool with knockdown data for gene(s) of interest
RNAi Knockdown CellsClonalGenerate clonal cell lines, measure shRNA knockdown activity by qRT-PCR. Expand clone(s) of choice.
cDNA Overexpression CellsCell PoolStable cell pool, sequence verified
cDNA Overexpression CellsClonalGenerate clonal cell lines, measure mRNA and/or protein expression. Expand clone(s) of choice.
Transcriptional Reporter CellsCell PoolStable cell pool, sequence verified
Transcriptional Reporter CellsClonalGenerate clonal cell lines, measure transcriptional activity by functional test. Expand clone(s) of choice.

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