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Custom CRISPR Cas9 Cells


CRISPR knockout requires expression of both a single-guide RNA (sgRNA) that targets the specific site for knockout, and expression of the Cas9 nuclease which cuts the DNA at the target site. While these two components can often be expressed from the same plasmid, for many applications, such as CRISPR knockout screens, cells need to be engineered to express the Cas9 nuclease. For this reason, in addition to offering a range of Cas9 expressing plasmids range of Cas9 expressing plasmids, we have a service to make Cas9+ cells for these applications.


For our standard service, we transduce with the Cas9+ lenti at several titers, expand and select cells, then confirm Cas9 activity with our CRISPRtest Assay.  We provide the culture that has the highest Cas9 activity and healthy cells.


The standard price for this service with “typical” cell lines that do not require specialized cell culture conditions or media is $4,000.

To order or to learn more, please contact us.