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Custom Reporter Cell Lines

Transcription factor-dependent reporter cell lines can be ideal tools for high-throughput RNAi, peptide, and chemical library screens. Responsive reporter cells form the core of cell-based assays for screening and identifying drugs, antibodies, cell factors, and other effectors. With lentiviral-based transduction, Cellecta can easily engineer stable reporter lines for almost any application–regardless of cell type.

Stable Reporter Cell Lines

  • Cell lines can be made from nearly any cell type, including those that are difficult to transfect
  • Reporter is integrated in the natural chromosomal environment creating a stable cell line that maintains responsiveness
  • Effectors and transactivating elements that might be required for reporter function can be accommodated
  • Available reporters include GFP, RFP, PuroR, BleoR, or other readout markers
  • We provide you with a validated, stable reporter cell line
  • Clonal selection also available
  • Service takes about 3 months

Cellecta’s Lentiviral Reporter Constructs are lentiviral vectors containing a reporter under the control of a minimum (m)CMV promoter and a transcriptional response element (RE). In the example on the right, the NFkB TRE is located upstream of mCMV, and the pair of elements becomes a fully active promoter and able to express dZsGreen  when bound  by the specific transcriptional factor (TF).

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Reporter Cell Line Activation
Reporter Cell Line Activation