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Single Vector CRISPR/Cas9 System

The Single Vector CRISPR system can be used for knockout of individual genes in vivo or in vitro by expressing both sgRNA (single guide RNA or gRNA) and Cas9 nuclease from the same lentiviral vector.

Stable Expression of Cas9 and sgRNA

  • Co-transduction not necessary since sgRNA and Cas9 nuclease are expressed in one vector
  • Lentiviral vectors integrate into the host cell genome and are passed onto daughter cells
  • Cells can be treated, grown for several passages, frozen, and thawed
  • The lentiviral construct remains in the host cells
  • Vector contains antibiotic selection to ensure stability

Permanently Knock Out Targets with Lentiviral sgRNA Constructs

  • You provide the RefSeq number or Gene ID
  • We can design 2-5 sgRNA constructs that target the gene

Cellecta Single Vector CRISPR system pRSGCCP-U6-sg-HTS6C-CMV-Cas9-2A-Puro lentiviral sgRNA gRNA cloning vector

Cellecta Single Vector CRISPR system pRSGCCG-U6-sg-HTS6C-CMV-Cas9-2A-TagGFP2 lentiviral sgRNA gRNA cloning vector

Single Vector CRISPR sgRNA gRNA copGFP knockout 293 cells


Single Vector CRISPR copGFP knockout graph

User Manuals

  • Packaging, Titering, and Transduction of Lentiviral Constructs, v9a (PDF)
  • Cloning of shRNA and sgRNA Templates into Cellecta Expression Vectors (PDF)

To place an order or simply calculate pricing, please fill out the Single Vector CRISPR Construct Order Form and email it to us at Please indicate whether you are placing an order or requesting a quote. If placing an order, please refer to the PO number and email the PO to or fax it to 650-938-3911.

For our selection of positive and negative CRISPR control constructs, please see our Control Constructs web page.

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