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Bioactive Peptide Screening

Cellecta has developed a revolutionary new high throughput technology for the functional screening of hundreds of thousands of bioactive peptide compounds in a single cell-based assay. Based on the combined uses of pooled lentiviral peptide libraries, FACS sorting of reporter cell lines demonstrating modulation of specific signaling pathways, and HT sequencing for identification of functional peptides enriched in the sorted cell fractions, this powerful technology can be used to discover peptide-based drugs in the newest “druggable space.”

  • Ultra HT cell-based screening of hundreds of thousands of natural peptides for biological activity without the need for robotic facilities.
  • Rational (in silico) design and cost-effective chip-based synthesis of peptide libraries from all known extracellular proteins enriched for functional activity and evolutionarily conserved folds.
  • Efficient delivery, expression of secreted peptides, and autocrine modulation of cell signaling in reporter cells with lentiviral vectors.
  • Identification of bioactive peptides by HT sequencing of peptide inserts in genomic DNA of selected cells with specific phenotype induced by integrated peptide constructs.

bioactive peptide screening by HT sequencing

The pooled peptide library platform was developed in collaboration with Dr. Venkatesh Natarajan and Dr. Andrei Gudkov from the Roswell Park Cancer Institute.