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Functional RNAi and CRISPR Screening and Drug Target & Biomarker Discovery

Cellecta Inc., a custom and contract functional genomics solutions provider, focuses primarily on developing and implementing flexible and scalable broad-based screening and analysis approaches for drug target and biomarker discovery. Our high throughput functional genetic screening portfolio includes shRNA and CRISPR screening services, custom and off-the-shelf pooled libraries, and knockout/knockdown cell lines that facilitate genome-wide functional screening and the identification and validation of genes involved in critical biological and pathological responses.

With our new Driver-Map™ Gene Expression and Molecular Profiling Service, Cellecta now offers a quantitative, multiplexed approach that allows simultaneous profiling of thousands of genes in one reaction, thereby providing the transcriptome profile of the tumor microenvironment.


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What's New?

Improved sgRNA Design Delivers Better CRISPR Knockout Screen Results

Cellecta Gets SBIR Grant to Develop Validated CRISPR Library

Viral Barcode Library Used to Track Treatment Resistant Cancer Cells
Researchers at Novartis recently published a study using a lentiviral based library containing many millions of unique sequences (barcodes) to label and track erlotinib-resistant non-small lung cancer cells… (more)

Upcoming Events

13th International Conference, Haematopoiesis Immunology
June 3-4, 2016, Budapest, Hungary
Presentation (Invited Speaker)Molecular Profiling of Tumor Microenvironment using Driver-Map CancerNet Targeted NGS Panel