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CRISPRtest and NGS analysis kits. Accelerate your knockout and knockdown screens.

Cellecta ready-to-use-kits.

Targeted RNA Expression Profiling of all 19,000 protein coding genes in a single, multiplex reaction. Illumina NGS compatible.

NEW! Ready-to-use human and mouse CRISPRa and CRISPRi libraries. For do-it-yourself activation or inhibition screens.

Functional RNAi and CRISPR Screening and Drug Target & Biomarker Discovery

Cellecta Inc., a functional genomics solutions provider, focuses primarily on developing and implementing flexible and scalable broad-based screening and analysis approaches for drug target and biomarker discovery. Our high-throughput functional genetic screening portfolio includes:

  • shRNA and CRISPR screening services
  • custom and off-the-shelf pooled libraries
  • knockout and knockdown cell lines

that facilitate genome-wide functional screening and the identification and validation of genes involved in critical biological and disease pathways.

With DriverMap™ Targeted Gene Expression Profiling Service, Cellecta offers a quantitative, multiplexed approach that allows simultaneous profiling of all human protein-coding genes in one reaction, thereby providing a reliable, accurate transcriptome profile with ultra-high sensitivity.

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