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CloneTracker™ Barcode Cell Labeling Kits

Cellecta’s CloneTracker (formerly CellTracker™) Barcode Cell Labeling Kits feature pre-packaged lentiviral constructs with unique, easily identifiable DNA sequences that stably integrate into the genomic DNA of any mammalian target cells. The kits contain sufficient pre-packaged lentiviral particles of each barcode to generate starter populations of millions of cells with the same stably integrated sequence that can be easily retrieved by PCR and read by sequencing. Labeled populations can then later be mixed or co-cultured with other either unlabeled or differently labeled cells. After several generations, cells from each specific population can be identified and quantified by amplifying and sequencing the unique barcode sequence.

CloneTracker™ 4-Barcode-Plus Cell Labeling Kit

This kit contains 4 lentiviral constructs designed with unique barcodes that can be differentiated by sequencing as well as by PCR and qPCR using barcode-specific primers. In addition to having a unique sequence, each contains common, universal primer-binding sites to enable amplification of the differently sized products so populations labeled with a specific barcode can be identified on an agarose gel or analyzer. Further, each barcode has a unique qPCR probe sequence that enables differential amplification and quantitation using qPCR.

Each kit contains 1 x 107 TU of each of 4 individual pre-packaged lentiviral barcode constructs, enough to label millions of cells. The barcode constructs in this kit are selectable by puromycin and also have a red fluorescent protein (RFP) marker so cells containing barcodes will fluoresce red. Kits containing barcode constructs with only a puromycin selection marker are also available.


BC4P-VCloneTracker™ 4-Barcode-Plus Cell Labeling Kit--4 Puro-GFP Constructs @10^7 TU each + Reagents$1,600.00
BC4PPO-VCloneTracker™ 4-Barcode-Plus Cell Labeling Kit, 4 Puro-Only Constructs @10^7 TU each + Reagents$1,600.00


CloneTracker™ 5-Barcode and 10-Barcode Cell Labeling Kits

Choose 5 or 10 lentiviral constructs with barcodes flanked by common primer sequences to facilitate PCR amplifications. After transduction and antibiotic selection of cells, barcodes can be amplified and sequenced to estimate the number of cells present from a specifically labeled population. In this way, multiple cell populations can be labeled, mixed, growth together, and then the representative numbers of descendant cells from each population can be determined.

Each kit contains 1 x 107 TU of either 5 or 10 individual pre-packaged lentiviral particles to label millions of cells. The barcode constructs in this kit are selectable by puromycin and also have an RFP marker so cells containing barcodes will fluoresce red.

BCRPP5-VCloneTracker™ 5-Barcode Cell Labeling Kit--5 Unique Sequence Constructs @10^7 TU each + Reagents$1,400.00
BCRPP10-VCloneTracker™ 10-Barcode Cell Labeling Kit--10 Unique Sequence Constructs @10^7 TU each + Reagents$2,200.00


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