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Cas9 Plasmids 


Cellecta offers Cas9 nuclease constructs for CRISPR Knockout and CRISPRa/i  systems.


For targeted gene knockouts and screening using CRISPR, Cellecta offers lentiviral plasmids that express S. pyogenes Cas9 nuclease.

The constructs are available in both packaged and plasmid forms.


SVC9-PS CRISPR Cas9 pRCCH-CMV-Cas9-2A-Hygro (plasmid) 25 ug $300
SVC9B-PS CRISPR Cas9 pRCCB-CMV-Cas9-2A-Blast (plasmid) 25 ug $300
SVC9-VS CRISPR Cas9 pRCCH-CMV-Cas9-2A-Hygro (virus) 1 x 10^6 TU $500
SVC9B-VS CRISPR Cas9 pRCCB-CMV-Cas9-2A-Blast (virus) 1 x 10^6 TU $500


For use with the CRISPR gene inhibition (CRISPRi) or gene activation (CRISPRa) systems, plasmid expressing both dCas9-KRAB and dCas9-VPH are available.


SVKRABC9B-PS CRISPR dCas9-KRAB pRDKCCB-CMV-dCas9-KRAB-2A-Blast (plasmid) 25 ug $300
SVKRABC9B-VS CRISPR dCas9-KRAB pRDKCCB-CMV-dCas9-KRAB-2A-Blast (virus) 1 x 10^6 TU $500
SVVPHC9B-PS CRISPR dCas9-VPH pRDVCCB-CMV-dCas9-VPH-2A-Blast (plasmid) 25 ug $300
SVVPHC9B-VS CRISPR dCas9-VPH pRDVCCB-CMV-dCas9-VPH-2A-Blast (virus) 1 x 10^6 TU $500


We can also provide other configurations of Cas9 plasmid on a custom basis, please inquire if you need something different than the items described above. 

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