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CRISPRa and CRISPRi Human Genome-Wide Libraries

The original CRISPR-Cas9 complex enables highly targeted knockout of essentially any gene but variations of the CRISPR system use engineered versions of the deactivated Cas9 (dCas9) protein to either interfere (i.e., repress) or activate gene expression without modifying genomic DNA. These gene-regulating variations of CRISPR use the same basic sgRNA design but target gene promoter regions rather than the coding sequence. The promoter-targeting sgRNA, then, recruits a modified dCas9 protein which either activates or represses gene expression—depending on the dCas9 modification. Cellecta’s CRISPRa and CRISPRi Human Genome-Wide sgRNA Libraries have been designed and optimized for pooled activator and repressor genetic screens.

Pooled screens can be run with both the CRISPR-activation (CRISPRa) and CRISPR-interference (CRISPRi) systems. Cellecta’s CRISPRa and CRISPRi human genome-wide sgRNA libraries have been designed with the following features to facilitate these screens:

  • Single-Module libraries–each expressing ~106,000 sgRNA
  • Each library targets almost 19,000 human protein-coding genes
  • Each gene is targeted by 5 sgRNAs designed against the promoter region (designs based on Horbeck, et al., eLife 2016;5:e19760 DOI: 10.7554)
  • 3,700 non-targeting sgRNA controls


Human Genome-Wide CRISPRa sgRNA Library

Selective activation of targeted genes when used in cells expressing dCas9-VPH (or other dCas9-activator variations compatible with spCas9 sgRNA designs)

Human Genome-Wide CRISPRi sgRNA Library

Selective expression inhibition of targeted genes when used in cells expressing dCas9-KRAB (or other deactivated Cas9 repressors compatible with spCas9 sgRNA designs)


Mouse genome-wide CRISPRa and CRISPRi libraries are also available.

Ordering information

NOTE: Cellecta offers academic discounts on many of our pre-packaged libraries to qualifying academic institutions. Please email using your institutional email account, and ask for a quote with the discounted pricing.

KAHGW-106-PHuman Genome-Wide CRISPRa sgRNA Library (plasmid)$10,000.00
KAHGW-106-V8Human Genome-Wide CRISPRa sgRNA Library (virus)$8,500.00
KAHGW-106-V9Human Genome-Wide CRISPRa sgRNA Library (virus)$18,000.00
KIHGW-106-PHuman Genome-Wide CRISPRi sgRNA Library (plasmid)$10,000.00
KIHGW-106-V8Human Genome-Wide CRISPRi sgRNA Library (virus)$8,500.00
KIHGW-106-V9Human Genome-Wide CRISPRi sgRNA Library (virus)$18,000.00

If you are interested in a custom library, Cellecta can help. Visit our Order page for specific instructions.

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