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CRISPR-Test Functional Cas9 Activity Assay Kits

Would you like to know if Cas9 is active in your cells? Cellecta’s CRISPR-Test™ assay kits accurately assess Cas9 activity in your cell line using two pre-mixed, lentiviral-packaged vectors:

  • one viral mix has a green fluorescent protein (GFP) lentivirus that responds to the specific Cas9 activity measured by the kit, whether nuclease, gene repression or gene activation
  • the other prepared lentiviral mix contains a red fluorescent protein (RFP) marker and functions as a control

In each assay, a test population of cells is split into two wells. The responsive viral mix is introduced to one of the wells and the control virus to the other. After some days of incubation, cells from both cultures are analyzed by FACS. The ratio of GFP to RFP in the responsive population indicates the activity of the Cas9 variant being measured.

Also, still available is our original CRISPRtest Cas9 Assay Kit that relies on the same FACS-based GFP:RFP readout to quantitatively assess Cas9 activity by targeting an endogenous gene required for human cell viability.

CRISPRtest workflow, showing CRISPR Cas9 activity is calculated based on ratio of GFP:RFP cells.

CRISPRtest workflow. Cas9 cell line and parental cells are transduced with the CRISPRtest virus. A few days after transduction, a portion of the cells is analyzed by flow cytometry to determine GFP:RFP ratio. These ratios are then used to calculate the percentage knockout, which is an assessment of Cas9 activity.

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