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LentiTrans™ Polybrene for Transduction

Ready-to-use polybrene solution for lentiviral transduction

  • Maximize transduction of any lentivirus
  • No preparation needed — just add to media
  • Proven effective in lentiviral transductions

Cellecta’s LentiTrans™ Lentiviral Transduction Reagent is a pre-formulated, easy to use polybrene solution tested for lentiviral transduction. This lentiviral reagent has been used effectively to maximize transduction of hundreds of cell types. Just add a few microliters to your media during viral inoculation. No preparation necessary.


Polybrene is often used to increase lentiviral transduction efficiency. It is a cationic polymer that enables viral particles to interact more easily with the cell surface, so they more readily enter cells. As a result, the addition of a small amount of the Lenti-Transduction Reagent, which is innocuous to most cell types, into the media during transduction improves rates viral uptake significantly.

Ordering information

LTDR1LentiTrans™ Transduction Reagent (Polybrene for Transduction)1 ml of 1000x$175.00

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