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Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) Analysis Kits

For Pooled CRISPR, RNAi, and Barcode Library Screening Samples

Screens using complex pooled CRISPR, RNAi, and barcode libraries rely on NGS read counts to determine the relative representation of each library element in the genomic DNA of each screened cell or tissue sample. Preparation of these short, specific library elements–sgRNA, shRNA, or barcodes–for sequencing requires targeted PCR amplification with specially designed primers, followed by sequencing with custom NGS primers.

More than 15 custom primers are used in the multiplex NGS analysis of the samples. These are specific to each library/vector combination. Each kit contains primers for 6-48 samples (48 preps of 50 ug each, 12 multiplex). Supplementary indexing primers are also available, which increase multiplexing to capacity to 24 samples.

Simply select the NGS Analysis kit corresponding to your library and order below.

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LNGS-101NGS Prep Kit for shRNA Libraries in pRSI12 (DECIPHER™)$875.00
LNGS-102NGS Prep Kit for shRNA Libraries in pRSI16cb/17cb (HGW) (or pRSI16/17)$875.00
LNGS-120NGS Prep Kit for sgRNA Libraries in pRSG16/17 (KOHGW)$875.00
LNGS-130NGS Prep Kit for sgRNA Libraries in pRSGT16/17$875.00
LNGS-200NGS Prep Kit for Barcode Libraries in pRSI16/17 (CloneTracker™)$875.00
LNGS-300NGS Prep Kit for Barcode Libraries in pScribe (CloneTracker XP™)$875.00
LNGS-350NGS Prep Kit for CRISPR-Barcode Libraries in pRSGScribe (CloneTracker XP™ CRISPR)$875.00
LNGS-900NGS Prep Kit for sgRNA Libraries in LentiGuide (GeCKO, Brunello)$875.00
LNGS-905NGS Prep Kit for sgRNA Libraries in LentiCRISPRv2 (GeCKO, Brunello Kinome)$875.00

Supplementary indexing primers are also available for each of the LNGS kits. When used with the corresponding LNGS-xxx kits, these enable multiplexing of an additional 12 samples, for a total of 24 samples.

LNGS-101-SPSupplementary Primer Set for LNGS-101 (12 Additional Index Primers)$475.00
LNGS-102-SPSupplementary Primer Set for LNGS-102 (12 Additional Index Primers)$475.00
LNGS-120-SPSupplementary Primer Set for LNGS-120 (12 Additional Index Primers)$475.00
LNGS-130-SPSupplementary Primer Set for LNGS-130 (12 Additional Index Primers)$475.00
LNGS-200-SPSupplementary Primer Set for LNGS-200 (12 Additional Index Primers)$475.00
LNGS-300-SPSupplementary Primer Set for LNGS-300 (12 Additional Index Primers)$475.00
LNGS-350-SPSupplementary Primer Set for LNGS-350 (12 Additional Index Primers)$475.00
LNGS-900-SPSupplementary Primer Set for LNGS-900 (12 Additional Index Primers)$475.00
LNGS-905-SPSupplementary Primer Set for LNGS-905 (12 Additional Index Primers)$475.00

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