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shRNA Knockdown Products

Cellecta’s well-validated and highly cited high-throughput (HT) RNAi-based genetic screening services are ideal for discovery and functional characterization of novel therapeutic targets. To complement this offering, we offer a complete portfolio of shRNA knockdown products.

Off-the-shelf pooled lentiviral shRNA libraries are available for genome-wide RNAi screens of human cell models and screens of the most annotated signal transduction and cancer-related genes in mouse models
shRNA Knockdown Screening data To support screening and targeted knockdown studies, we offer a panel of shRNA Control Constructs and shRNA Cloning Vectors

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) kits to easily get read counts on screens using your library of choice are also available.

Cellecta shRNA off-the-shelf products, including libraries, constructs and vectors are available online, for convenient ordering.