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shRNA Cloning Vectors

In the course of our extensive work with RNAi libraries and constructs since 2007, we have developed a number of shRNA vector variations. For researchers interested in making their own lentiviral shRNA knockdown constructs, we offer these vectors in linearized format, available off-the-shelf, for prompt delivery.

Additional information on these vectors is available here, including cloning/Next-Gen Sequencing (NGS) cassette and primer design maps, sequences, GenBank/Vector NTI® and SnapGene® files, and vector maps.

We are also able to create custom vector and constructs. Visit our Orders page for details.

SVSHMVU6URP-LpMSCVURP-U6-(xx)-UbiC-RFP-2A-Puro (linearized)500 ng (50 rxns)$550.00
SVSHU616-LpRSI16-U6-(xx)-UbiC-RFP-2A-Puro (linearized)500 ng (50 rxns)$550.00
SVSHU617-LpRSI17-U6-(xx)-UbiC-GFP-2A-Puro (linearized)500 ng (50 rxns)$550.00
SVSHU620-LpRSI20-U6-(xx)-CMV-RFP-2A-Puro (linearized)500 ng (50 rxns)$550.00
SVSHU621-LpRSI21-U6-(xx)-CMV-GFP-2A-Puro (linearized)500 ng (50 rxns)$550.00
SVSHU6CP-LpRSICP-U6-(xx)-CMV-Puro (linearized)500 ng (50 rxns)$550.00
SVSHU6EP-LpRSIEP-U6-(xx)-EF1-Puro (linearized)500 ng (50 rxns)$550.00
SVSHU6T16-LpRSIT16-U6Tet-(xx)-CMV-TetRep-2A-RFP-2A-Puro (linearized)500 ng (50 rxns)$550.00
SVSHU6T17-LpRSIT17-U6Tet-(xx)-CMV-TetRep-2A-GFP-2A-Puro (linearized)500 ng (50 rxns)$550.00
SVSHU6TCP-LpRSITCP-U6Tet-(xx)-CMV-TetRep-2A-Puro (linearized)500 ng (50 rxns)$550.00
SVSHU6TEP-LpRSITEP-U6Tet-(xx)-EF1-TetRep-2A-Puro (linearized)500 ng (50 rxns)$550.00
SVSHU6TUR-LpRSITUR-U6Tet-(xx)-UbiC-TetRep-2A-RFP (linearized)500 ng (50 rxns)$550.00
SVSHU6UP-LpRSIUP-U6-(xx)-UbiC-Puro (linearized)500 ng (50 rxns)$550.00

Detailed information on our vectors is available here.