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Positive and Negative shRNA Control Constructs

Cellecta provides a series of predesigned control and shRNA constructs for optimization of protocols and screening procedures.

Hairpin constructs in our standard lentiviral vectors include:

  • non-targeting,┬áluciferase-targeting, as negative controls
  • lethal shRNA that target genes essential for many cell systems

In addition to the off-the shelf constructs below, you may also place an order for custom RNAi shRNA plasmid or viral packaged control constructs.

SHCTL-LUC-pRSI16-PlasPositive and Negative shRNA Control Constructs (Plasmid)$300.00
SHCTL-LUC-pRSI16-VirusPositive and Negative shRNA Control Constructs (Virus)$500.00

For instructions on placing an order of custom constructs, please visit our Order page.