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Product User Manuals

Product-specific as well as general User Manuals are provided below. User Manuals are provided in PDF format, not as printed material. Upon shipment of the product, a direct link to the corresponding Product User Manual as well as Product Certificate will be provided by email to the purchaser along with the shipment tracking information.

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Please contact us at if you cannot find the correct User Manual for your product below.

Targeted Gene Expression Profiling

Pooled CRISPR sgRNA Libraries

Pooled shRNA Libraries

  • RNAi Pooled Lentiviral shRNA Libraries (Online Manual or PDF)
  • NOTE: This User Manual replaces all previous shRNA library manuals.

Barcode Cell Labeling

Lentiviral Packaging

  • Packaging, Titering, and Transduction of Lentiviral Constructs (Online Manual or PDF)
  • LentiFuge™ Viral Concentration Reagent (PDF)

shRNA and sgRNA Cloning Vectors

  • Cloning of shRNA and sgRNA Templates into Cellecta Expression Vectors (PDF)

CRISPR-Test Kits

Ancillary Products

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)