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Product User Manuals and Certificates

Product-specific as well as general User Manuals are provided below. Product Analysis Certificates (PACs) contain lot-specific information such as viral titers and construct sequencing information. Both are only provided in PDF format, not as printed material.

Please contact us at if you cannot find the correct User Manual or PAC for your product.

Product User Manuals

User Manuals

Targeted Gene Expression Profiling

  • DriverMap™ Human Genome-Wide Gene Expression Profiling Kit, Version 2 (Online Manual or PDF)

Pooled CRISPR Libraries

  • CRISPR Pooled Lentiviral sgRNA Libraries, v2 (PDF)

Pooled shRNA Libraries

  • Human Genome-Wide Pooled Lentiviral shRNA Libraries, v4b (PDF)
  • DECIPHER™ Pooled Lentiviral shRNA Libraries, v9a (PDF)
  • Custom Pooled Lentiviral shRNA Libraries, v4 (PDF)
  • Pooled Lentiviral shRNA Library Screening Reference Manual, v2a (PDF) (Required for ALL shRNA libraries)

Barcode Cell Labeling

  • CellTracker™ 50M (previously 13K x 13K) Lentiviral Barcode Library, v5a (Online Manual or PDF)
  • CellTracker™ Barcode Cell Labeling Kits (Online Manual or PDF)

Lentiviral Packaging

  • Packaging, Titering, and Transduction of Lentiviral Constructs, v9a (PDF)
  • LentiFuge™ Viral Concentration Reagent User Manual, v2 (PDF)

shRNA and sgRNA Cloning Vectors

  • Cloning of shRNA and sgRNA Templates into Cellecta Expression Vectors (PDF)

CRISPR-Test Kits

  • CRISPRuTest™ Functional Cas9 Activity Assay Kit for All Cells (Mammalian) (Online Manual or PDF)
  • CRISPRaTest™ Functional dCas9-Activator Assay Kit (Online Manual or PDF)
  • CRISPRiTest™ Functional dCas9-Repressor Assay Kit (Online Manual or PDF)
  • CRISPRtest™ Functional Cas9 Activity Kit (PDF)

Ancillary Products

Product Analysis Certificates (PACs)

Product Analysis Certificates (PACs)

Pooled Libraries

Individual Control Constructs

CRISPR Cas9 Expression Vectors

CRISPRi dCas9 Expression Vectors:

  • dCas9-KRAB-Blast, Plasmid, Lot #:   17011105
  • dCas9-KRAB-Blast, Packaged, Lot #:   17012516

CRISPRa dCas9 Expression Vectors:

  • dCas9-VPH-Blast, Plasmid, Lot #:   16110134
  • dCas9-VPH-Blast, Packaged, Lot #:   17020845

Cloning and Expression Vectors

Lentiviral Packaging Products

Ancillary Products

  • CRISPRtest™ Functional Cas9 Activity Kit, Lot #s: 1603010116111801
  • CRISPRuTest™ Functional Cas9 Activity Assay Kit for Any Cell (Mammalian), Lot #s: 170318908
Lentiviral MSDS

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

  • Replication-Incompetent Lentiviral Particles (PDF)