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Custom Expression Cell Lines


We can provide custom lentiviral constructs expressing any cDNA of interest as long as it is less than about 3.5 kb. There is a limit on the size of the construct because lentiviral plasmids cannot be packaged as lentiviral particles if they are too large. In addition to the expressed cDNA the portion of the plasmid packaged as a lentiviral particle contains elements to enable viral packaging, as well as some sort of selection. Often a fluorescent marker is desirable to enable identification of the cells that have been transduced with the lentiviral construct.


For our lentiviral cDNA construct service, you simply need to provide

  • the sequence of the cDNA you would like expressed
  • information on which markers
  • information on the promoter desired

We would be happy to discuss the options with you, or you can review the list of our standard cDNA vectors.

Once we have these details, we:

  • synthesize the cDNA
  • clone the cDNA into the desired vector
  • sequence it to ensure proper construction

The price for this service usually ranges from $2,000 to $4,000 depending on the length of cDNA, the specific vector elements desired, and whether we just provide the plasmid DNA or also make pre-packaged lentiviral particles.


If you are interested in specific lentiviral cDNA constructs or have further questions, please contact us to discuss the details.