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Custom cDNA Expression Constructs

Lentiviral expression vectors are one of the most effective vehicles to introduce and stably express different effector molecules (siRNA, cDNA, DNA fragments, antisense, ribozymes, etc.) or reporter constructs into almost any mammalian cell, including non-dividing cells and whole model organisms.

Let Cellecta clone your gene into one of our optimized lentiviral vectors and create a stable cell line for you.

Stable Expression of Your Gene of Interest

  • Lentiviral vectors integrate into the host cell genome and are passed onto daughter cells
  • Cells can be treated, grown for several passages, frozen and thawed the lentiviral construct remain in the host cells
  • Vector contains fluorescent marker and antibiotic selection to ensure stability

Design Your Lentiviral Vector

  • Promoter Choices for cDNA: Tet-inducible, UbiC, EF1, PGK, CMV, or other promoters
  • Marker gene choices: GFP, RFP, PuroR, BleoR, NeoR, or Hygro-HK
  • All constructs are fully sequenced for quality control
  • Provided in plasmid form or as pre-packaged virus


Create a Stable Cell Line with Lentiviral Transduction

  • We will use your choice of cell line and can make multiple different cell lines if necessary
  • Choose if you prefer a mixed overexpresser cell pool or monoclonal populations
  • Expression verification possible with qRT-PCR
  • Selection of Clonal stable overexpresser monoclonal cell lines optional

For more information or to request a quote, please contact us